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To review your account information:

  • Hover your mouse over “My Account” at the top, right of the screen (above the cart icon).
  • Click on “My Profile & Preferences” in the drop down.
  • On the "Account" tab, you can view or edit your shipping address, facility name, and phone number.
  • Click the Edit icon to begin editing any information that needs to be updated.
  • Click the "Save" or "Update" button to finalize your changes.

NOTE: Changing your address will prompt our internal teams to review your account information to ensure all licensing and authorizations are still valid. This may delay shipping for products like Yellow Fever vaccine.

To create a new account, you'll need your facility's state license information including the name of the license holder, state license number, and expiration date.

If you are a pharmacy and the license holder is a corporate entity, please call us at 1-800-VACCINE (1-800-822-2463) and we can help you set up your new account.

If you have a DEA or HIN number, you may include those as well but they are not necessary to create your account.