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Varicella Virus Vaccine Live (Oka/Merck)

10 Single-dose Vials of Lyophilized Vaccine (0.5mL), and Ten Vials of Diluent

4827-00 | Merck

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During shipment, to ensure that there is no loss of potency, the vaccine must be maintained at a temperature of -15°C (+5°F) or colder.
Before reconstitution, store the lyophilized vaccine in a freezer at an average temperature of -15°C (+5°F) or colder. Any freezer (e.g., chest, frost-free) that reliably maintains an average temperature of -15°C and has a separate sealed freezer door is acceptable for storing VARIVAX.
VARIVAX may be stored at refrigerator temperature (2-8°C, 36-46°F) for up to 72 continuous hours prior to reconstitution. Vaccine stored at 2-8°C which is not used within 72 hours of removal from -15°C storage should be discarded.
Before reconstitution, protect from light.
The diluent should be stored separately at room temperature (20-25°C, 68-77°F), or in the refrigerator.