Exam room

KleenSpec® Disposable Vaginal Specula Cordless Illuminator

Totally redesigned to provide the key features you've come to expect - plus a number of important and exciting enhancements.
- Superior Visualization - advanced LED light source provides better visualization of the exam area by supplying brighter, whiter light, right where it is needed
- Cordless and Rechargeable - no cord to get in the way or break during procedures, continuous on time of 80 minutes, recharge time of six hours, lithium ion battery technology; the new cordless illumination system easily fits right into the new KleenSpec® Disposable Vaginal Speculum
- Automatic On/Off - no more hassle with turning the unit on and off; when the new Kleenspec® Illumination System is inserted into the 590 Vaginal Speculum it is automatically illuminated and once it is removed the light goes off
- Versatility - use your new Illumination System as an all-purpose light source as well as with the KleenSpec® Disposable Vaginal Speculum
- Convenient - no cords to clean, much less heat than traditional lamps

KleenSpec® Disposable Vaginal Specula Cordless Illuminator 1 Each

WEL79900 | Welch Allyn