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Bodily Fluid Spill Clean-Up Kit

This convenient system comes complete with all of the personal protective equipment (PPE) necessary to protect and clean-up bodily fluid spills such as urine, feces and vomit. Once used, all clean-up materials and personal protective equipment should be placed into the enclosed disposal bag and thrown into the regular trash.
NOTE: If cleaning up spill that contain sharps, blood or known contagion such as Norwalk, you must use the Sharps Biohazard Clean-Up and Disposal System Kit - SHA51000.
Each kit contains 2-packs, each containing the following items:
- Two pair of protective gloves
- Plastic Apron and Plastic Bag
- Mask and face shield combination
- Absorbent material, scraper and shovel
- Disinfectant spray and cleaner
- Protective shoe coverings and hairnet
- Hand cleaning towelette, 2 absorbent towels, and complete instructions.

2 Packs/Kit

SHA50027-002 | Sharps Compliance