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Biohazard Spill Clean-Up Kit and Disposal System

System comes complete with everything necessary for clean-up of potentially biohazardous materials. The Sharps® System provides a means to safely, easily and legally remove these materials from your location and transport them to a government-approved destruction facility via the U.S. Postal Service.
- A protective plastic safety apron, 2 pair of protective gloves and a mask or face-shield combination
- 1 Package of absorbent material, scraper and shovel
- 1 Bottle of disinfectant spray and cleaner
- Protective shoe coverings and hairnet
- 1 full set of instructions
- 1 hand cleaning towelette and 2 absorbent towels

With 1 Gallon Sharps Disposal by Mail® packaging system (Postage Prepaid). 1 Each

SHA51000 | Sharps Compliance