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We’ll guide you through the returns process for expired vaccines in just three steps.

  Step 1

Complete the returns form

Returning expired vaccines?

To get started, download the Return Goods Information form below. Then complete and save the form for use in step 2. Returns are accepted for expired vaccines only.1



Returning expired influenza vaccines?

Start by logging in and generating your influenza return form in the influenza returns section. Then save the form for use in step 2. Returns are accepted for expired vaccines only.1

Go to influenza returns
  Step 2

Generate your returns authorization

Log in to our returns partner, Inmar Healthcare Returns Management Portal. Then provide the requested information and upload your completed form from step 1. You’ll leave for this step.

Need step-by-step instructions for registering with Inmar or generating your returns authorization? Download our returns process reference guide below.

  Step 3

Ship your expired vaccines

Once you’ve generated your returns authorization, ship your return. Your return should include:

  • The expired vaccines you’re returning (there’s no need to refrigerate them)
  • Your completed Return Goods Information form, placed inside the package
  • Your returns authorization, attached to the outside of the box (note that this is not a shipping label)
  • A prepaid shipping label

Address your shipment to:

Inmar RX Solutions
3845 Grand Lakes Way, Suite 125
Grand Prairie, TX 75050


1 Sanofi Pasteur offers 100% credit upon expiration of Sanofi Pasteur product(s) purchased directly from Sanofi Pasteur that are returned within 1 year after the expiration date. The Return Goods Policy is subject to change without prior notification. The Return Goods Policy does not provide any return rights for Imogam® Rabies-HT (Rabies Immune Globulin (Human) USP, Heat Treated), IMOVAX® RABIES (Rabies Vaccine), YF-VAX® (Yellow Fever Vaccine), or any influenza vaccines, except for certain contractual, promotional, and program exceptions.

Please visit our Terms & Conditions page for additional information on our returns policy.

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