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Control your inventory and costs with our Vaccine Inventory Management Solution (VIMS)

Vaccine inventory management can be very challenging. That's why we worked with providers across the country to create VIMS.

VIMS offers a comprehensive set of practice management tools to help you control your vaccine inventory efficiently and educate your staff on safe vaccine storage. Utilizing these tools and assistance from our vaccine specialists can help give you more time to focus on helping your patients. VIMS can:

  • Effectively monitor inventory and ordering processes
  • Enhance practice efficiency with refrigerator organization tools
  • Help monitor storage temperature to ensure vaccine stability
  • Provide a current inventory count and order recommendation via E-mail
  • Provide historical inventory tracking online

Log onto for helpful tools like VIMS tools and more.

Please contact your Sanofi Pasteur vaccine specialist or call 1-800-VACCINE
(1-800-822-2463) to fully implement VIMS in your practice.

Use the power of your voice to help your patients, and your practice

Now you can reach your patients to help increase office visits with WellConnect®. Harness the power of your voice to record important health and vaccination information and send it via your telephone to all your patients at once. You can:

  • Increase patient visits and immunizations to meet HEDISa criteria
  • Improve overall patient health by reminding patients of needed vaccinations
  • Save time and make your office more efficient
  • Be more cost-effective and grow your practice

Our reminder tools are compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) so you can be assured that the information you deliver is secure.

WellConnect helps deliver important messaging on a very personal level. The result is a greater response rate from your patients and a more efficient practice for you. Take advantage of the power of your voice, today.

Log on to and start connecting with your patients.

aHealthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set
We'll get through the new CPT®a codes together

The American Medical Association (AMA) has established new CPT codes for the reporting of childhood and adolescent immunization administration when vaccine counseling is provided. Not fully understanding these codes could delay your reimbursement. Here are a few ways we can help:

Use our Online Resources

    Log onto or call 1-800-VACCINE (1-800-822-2463) for helpful tools:
  • Instructions for vaccine administration coding
  • Reimbursement tracking tools
  • Appeal letter templates and related resources
  • Web conferences on coding and billing

Request the Reimbursement Toolkit

    Complete the form and we'll send you the complimentary kit that includes:
  • Inside - Cracking The Codes - Webinar CD
  • Vaccine administration coding materials - forms to assist in the coding process
  • Patient benefit verification tools
  • Vaccine coding - specific information on how to code Sanofi Pasteur vaccines

a Current Procedural Terminology is a registered trademark of the American Medical Association.
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Fluzone Vaccine Partners Program
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Access tools that can assist your practice with coding and reimbursement procedures.
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Helps you address patient concerns about immunization.®
Educate your patients with our customizable and comprehensive tools.
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Automated Patient Reminder Tools
Send appointment reminders to patients.
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Vaccine Inventory Management Solutions (VIMS)
Access tools that help make vaccine inventory management easier.
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Fluzone Vaccine Partners Program
Automatically enroll with your first reservation of Fluzone vaccine.
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Educate your patients with our customizable and comprehensive tools.
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